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Made from non-porous Duracast XL Cross-linked Acrylic, EasyCare Bath bathtub liners are strong, long lasting and easy-to-clean. EasyCare’s high standards ensure that only quality materials are used for a thicker, stronger and beautiful bathtub liner for you.

Don’t settle for the thinner and softer acrylic liners other companies use. Their acrylic scratches easily and fades over time. Choose the quality, strength and beauty that EasyCare Bath bathtub liners offer.


Measurably more beautiful – Only EasyCare Bath products uses DuraCast XL Cross-linked Acrylic. This quality acrylic gives us a measurable, 12% greater shine than the competition.

Easy to maintain – Designed without difficult-to-clean pores, the unique formula in Duracast’s XL Cross-linked Acrylic eliminates the need to scrub to keep it clean.

Stronger, thicker Acrylic – Only EasyCare Bath manufactures tub liners and shower pans with acrylic that is 400% stronger and 300% thicker than industry standards. Your bath will stay warm longer and your tub will last a lifetime. Relax and enjoy a nice, l-o-n-g, soothing bath with EasyCare!

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Providing you with options of comfort, safety, and beauty to enhance the quality of your bath or shower. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a newly remodeled bathroom.

Our Bathrooms Look Great — Our Quality Makes Us Special.

I am enjoying my new bathroom very much. A special thanks for handling the weird angles of my house, for being on time and for cleaning up. I would recommend your group very highly.

– Mrs. Jacobsen –

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