Walk-Thru Tub Insert

Convert your existing tub into a walk-in shower without the mess and high cost of remodeling

A 14-inch step into the average bathtub can be daunting to some and for the disabled it can be dangerous. With walk-thru tub inserts that 14-inch step reduces to just a few inches. Increase the accessibility and safety of your bathroom without a complete bathroom renovation with a walk-thru tub insert. Our tub inserts easily convert your fiberglass, steel, acrylic or cast-iron tub into a safe, accessible shower.
Walk-Thru Bath Insert
Walk-Thru Bath Insert


Exclusive Walk-Thru Advantages:

  • Saves Thousands $$$: Our Walk-Thru inserts can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a replacement bathtub and the installation of a full shower.
  • Quick Installation: Our factory-trained and authorized Walk-Thru installers work hard to complete your walk-thru tub insert installation in just a few short hours.
  • Easy to Clean: Ultra-durable, our patented walk-thru tub inserts are easy-to-clean and maintain.
  • Reduces Risk of Injury: Specially designed to reduce slipping and falling, our tub inserts lower the threshold of bathtubs by a full 9″, lowering the barrier of entry to about 6″ on the average tub. With tub inserts, entering a bathtub is easier and safer too.
  • Full 24″ Opening: We are proud to say we have the largest opening of any formed step through insert on the market.
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